Currently the different calendars to which each event belongs is marked by a small dot under the event's name.
This might be too discrete. Sometimes, I would like to see at just a "coup d'œil" how my day is going to be / keeps going. That is to say, in a second I'd like to know that I have something on "social", independently of wheter I it's "Brunch with Nicky @ Starbucks" or "Dinner with Mark @ Güerrin".
I would prefer to have the possibility to set how "intense" the calendar is shown. Say:
  • Option 1: the small color dot
  • Option 2: the event edge's are colored
  • Option 3: the whole event is colored (a la Actions entrances)
If this could also be present at the daily briefing I'd say this would be just another awesome feature to an already awesome app!