NEED: Ability to link or establish a heirarchy for tasks within a list that are contingent upon completion of other tasks. Heirarchy must have relational flexibility to accommodate addition of unforeseen tasks into hierarchy
User needs to have their basement painted. They have several individual tasks that need to be done in order to complete this overall project. Additional tasks arise mid-project. Many tasks can not be started until one or more of the other tasks have been completed.
1- hire & schedule painters
2- clear out entire basement
3- Notify trash service there will be large items and additional bags to pick up next collection day
4- take usable items to Goodwill
5- place all trash items curbside the night before scheduled pick up
6- make some space in garage to temporarily store the items I'm keeping from in the basement
When the user wants to begin creating a to-do list for a project they can select from 2 different list types: “Simple List” or “Project List”. The new “Project List” option would allow the user to set a start date for the project and begin adding individual tasks to their list. Each task would have the option to link to other tasks on the list if they are contingent upon completion of other tasks, establishing a hierarchy. (I.e. #5 must be completed before #2 can be started and #4 can't be started until #2 has been completed.) Beginning on the established project start date, all individual unlinked tasks would appear daily on “Today’s schedule” until marked as complete. Linked tasks would only show the top tier task on “Today’s Schedule”, and subsequent linked tasks would only appear when the prerequisite task had been marked as complete. The user would also be able to add and link tasks as they arise throughout the project and the hierarchy would adjust if the new task took precedent.
SCENARIO: When user is notifying their trash service of large items for pick up (task # 3) they are informed that the large items must be wrapped and sealed in plastic furniture bags which user will now need to purchase. User adds two new tasks to list
*purchase furniture bags
*wrap and seal large items
and then links them to the other related tasks allowing the user to insert the new tasks appropriately into the hierarchy automatically establishing that those 2 new tasks must be completed before any of the tasks that occur below the chosen insertion point.
If user adds a new task to the project list and does not link it to any other related tasks, the new task will automatically appear on “Today’s Schedule” until marked as complete.