When choosing the date for a task, the current options are:
- Today
- Tomorrow
- This week
- Later
- Choose date
Today and tomorrow are great, but "this week" and "later" are unclear to me--do they push it to Friday and ... what does "later" even do?
Far better in my opinion would be to replicate the options that exist for the rescheduling of overdue tasks and have the scheduling options list the days of the week for the next seven days, like this:
- Today
- Tomorrow (Tue, Sep 25)
- Wed, Sep 26
- Thu, Sep 27
- Fri, Sep 28,
- Sat, Sep 29
- Sun, Sep 30
- Mon, Oct 1
- Choose date
It is slightly longer than the current system BUT the meaning of each option is clear and it reduces the nesting to a flat and extremely straightforward set up for 90% of cases where you just tap the day for the week.
An alternative I would like would be to simply have the calendar right there (what you see when you click "choose date") since that's also straightforward.