In short: more tutorials on YouTube and Instagram and more marketing/ social media presence, and more updates, please! Recommendation: create a community via Mighty Networks!
Some ideas on pushing the apps forward:
In general, I think all of your apps would benefit from more visibility on YouTube and Instagram. There aren’t so may influencers recommending your apps. You could outsource the making of tutorials by approaching productivity influencers, don’t you think so?
In detail, I find it not self-explaining to use Actions on my Apple Watch, or make use of Shortcuts appropriately. Also, Siri and I are not best friends most days ;) It would be nice if there were not only FAQ but YouTube tutorials. If there are any, please provide the links.
Timepage/Actions (I do not know how to use Flow) in general are quite underrated in my opinion. The USP and the beauty of these apps are attractive aesthetics/minimalistic designs combined with functionality (which should be improved more quickly). The comments on “Requested features” are top-notch!
More (social) media presence would help our community to grow and get more resources to improve the apps.
A community, like “BuJo U” on “Mighty Networks” would be great! What do you think?
Maybe I should apply for your marketing team ;) I just love the apps and want them to be cutting-edge! And beat the Reminders App. Thanks.