Notes rarely exist in a vacuum. They are usually related to something that you are working on (probably tracked in Actions) or a meeting/ event that you attended (probably existing in Timepage). Right now you can put all of these things on the same day in Timepage, but this is only marginally useful. I’d love to see
* an Action task (or even list) with all of the related Flow notes and Timepage events linked
* a meeting in Timepage linked to my related Flow notes and Actions tasks or lists. Heck, the apps even know what meeting I’m in. Why not pre-tag the notes that I’m taking at that time to the Timepage event?
* a Flow note with tags to the related Timepage events and Flow notes.
Without this integration, the notes give me little benefit over my paper notebook (except maybe the ability to search them). The power to me is in being able to make links between ideas, actions, events and the thoughts that I had in the moment that I felt were important enough to jot down in a note.