Timepage offers lots of great widgets, however I find myself now using two calendar apps as I love the ui that Timepage offers, but find the Fantastical widgets to be much more useful in daily use. In particular the full month calendar view (including month and day) in a medium size widget and the Up Next widget which not only shows the next event on your calendar (with a count down clock - ie “in 37 min” , etc..) but also has a join button for east connect to meetings in zoom, Webex, teams. These features are extremely helpful as at a quick glance you can see what is next and how far out it is and when it is time if there is a link in the calendar entry to the meeting, one click from the widget and the correct app is launched and in you go. These tweaks would make life much easier and help me consolidate to only having to use one app to manage my calendars.