At the moment the geocoding only works if Event Location is added directly via the Timepage Location search results.
There are 2 scenarios where the location address can be correctly entered as a fully qualified address, but the driving ETA and map directions buttons do not work.
These scenarios are:
1) When you start typing the event location using one of your device Contacts. For example if I type John Smith, Timepage will list his address, but if I select it, it will not include the geocoding data and will not show the driving ETA and on the map the directions button will not work. It still shows the correct Pin position on the map however - so there is some geocoding happening in there somewhere.
2) When I am invited to an event by somebody else, the event location address can be perfectly typed out, but again Timepage will not include the Driving ETA and the map directions button will not work. But again the pin on the map is showing in the right place.
It would be good if there is a way to ensure that these scenarios are catered for so that the geocoding data is present and the driving estimates + map directions buttons work as expected.
This post was suggested by Raden based on a bug report I sent through.