So the most organized I ever was was when I had an old school BB Storm and it was because of the today screen.
The "today screen" was essentially a simple widget on the main home screen that constantly reminded you of what your next few days had going on.
Basically, it looked like a line item of the next dozen appointments, sometimes to-dos could be added.
For however my weird brain works, having a widget that could do what the timepage app does could be life changing for me.
So the request is for a widget that looks and functions exactly like the timepage app ... it would simply give me the ability to have it as 90% of my screen. If I could make one mod, it would be the ability to list up to five events per day without the "flash change"
And it would essentially force me to look at my upcoming events every time I interface with my phone.
And nobody on app store has anything like that and I'm willing to bet (especially since your app is gorgeous and kind of feels BB ish) that a LOT of BB users would appreciate it :)
Go coders!!! :)
Gratefully yours